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Starting With a Bang!

   Posted by: HystoryByts    in Genealogy, Projects, Research, Software, Technology

After a few false starts, I think I’ve settled on a new, final format for the site – but it removes all the past posts.  I’ll start with one recent one, and we’ll just move forward from here. Great news for the serious genealogy researcher: The Master Genealogist, version 8.0, has been released! This is software for your computer which allows you to track your research, document, organize, cite references, attach images or files… you get the idea.

In many ways, TMG is the Photoshop of genealogy programs – it’ll do anything you want it to, just as soon as you decide how you’d like to accomplish it. Used by both novices and professionals, TMG is a very powerful family history project manager.

Be warned: there’s a fairly steep learning curve to this program, but it’s worth it when you figure it all out. There is good documentation, great user contributed support, and an excellent mailing list where questions are welcome.

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