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Updating Your Education for Free

   Posted by: HystoryByts    in Education, Genealogy, Research

Taking genealogy courses allow you to update what you already know, or learn new things. There are PLENTY of genealogy places that offer courses, so you need to review who’s giving the course, what the course subject is, does it require any prerequisites to take the course you want to take, is it online learning or at home learning, and – sometimes the most important part – how much it costs.

Anyone can get started in genealogy without needing any education. But we often find out that a course or two really enhances our knowledge. There are many paid sites where you can register for courses, but offers FREE courses through their Online University. Their course offerings include Beginning Genealogy, Internet Genealogy, Tracing Immigrant Origins, and Researching with Genealogy.Com. They also have some fundamental articles on Getting Started on their site.

FamilySearch also offers free courses online. Their courses also range from beginner to advanced, and cover many topics from ethnic groups to international research. And their courses are offered in a variety of languages. Family Search is provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

As with any popular hobby, there’s always someone out there trying to do their best to lure you in to their website fraudulently. offers a great page on “How to Identify & Avoid Genealogy Scams” which you should check out if you have any questions about the site or an email that you receive.

On a quick aside: thanks for the inquiries that have come personally. Having had some health issues the past few months has side-tracked my ability to post. I appreciate your concern and well wishes!

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