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Sometimes, you just get lucky.

   Posted by: HystoryByts    in Genealogy, Research

I run a regular search for specific family names online, and recently it popped up with a website about an antique family Bible. Hmm, I think, what’s this? I go to visit the page, and it describes some of the ancestors as Wills, Cobb, Moore and Massie. Well, the first three are my direct lineage! As I read, it says that the Bible is listed on eBay and I’m thinking, oh no! eBay!!! run run run and bid on it. But it sold on the 19th of May. *sigh* That’s the BAD thing about eBay, often listings don’t get picked up by the search engines until AFTER the sale is over.

Now, eBay doesn’t let you see who purchased things… but you sometimes get lucky. In this instance, the buyer left feedback for the auction! So from there, I could email them using the eBay system – and left my name and email address thinking they might be cousins or some form of kinfolk. ACTUALLY.. they’re a couple starting a new business because they want to see family stuff returned to families, and eBay listings are just not long enough. So they purchased it hoping someone in the family would come along who wants it!

That would be me.

I’m waiting on it to get here, but from the pictures it appears that it went of with the sister of my great-grandmother. How it ended up in West Texas, I’ll have to try to figure out, but for now, I’m not only getting the Bible, but it also has obituary clippings from 1909 and 1912 in it, as well as a few other articles. I can’t wait!

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