My Lines

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Anyone involved in genealogy starts with their own family. You don’t just plunge into the gene pool for someone else. It’s the same for me but a little different: my mother started it. It’s all her fault. She spent years writing letters to family and friends, libraries and courthouses. This was well before the Internet! I inherited boxes of documents, copies of letters, proofs, and theories. You never knew if your “John Smith” was the same “John Smith” you read about in the local genealogical newsletter for a community where your family might have been, so there were many theorized links and conjecture. It was fun – and tedious – and challenging. Recently I had the opportunity to open up some of those boxes, and realized how far I had come since they came to me. I was able to definitively say that certain “John Smith”s were not our John Smith.

On the other hand, with the Internet, I’ve been able to find photos and gravesites, family cemeteries and documents that I never dreamed I’d be able to see. It’s a fascinating mystery, and everyone has the same mystery to some extent.

The family lines that I’m still working on – about 20 years later – include:

  • Bullitt – from the Kentucky family this line went to Louisiana
  • Chapman – early 19th century in Walker Co., Texas
  • Cobb – in Nansemond, now Southampton Co., Virginia
  • Collard – from the US Revolution to Texas Independence in one lifetime
  • Davis – immigrants from Wales
  • Dent – early Marylanders who migrated to North Carolina
  • Dun – Arkansas family
  • Falkner/Faulkner – from North Carolina
  • Folk/Fock – possibly from New York in the early 1800s
  • Griffith – from Tennessee they went to Texas
  • Heathman/Hathman/Hethman – Maryland to North Carolina to Mississippi to Texas
  • Howell – Alabama to Arkansas to Texas
  • Johnston – a brick wall that married into the Winstead family
  • McCafferty/McCaffety – Alabama to Texas
  • Osborn/Osborne – descending from Enoch in Virginia
  • Pearre – Georgia to Texas
  • Perot – very early Louisiana family
  • Roberson – North Carolina and Virginia
  • Smith – oh yes, a John Smith, and his daughter, Jane (doesn’t everyone have one?)
  • West – New York to Texas
  • Wills – in Southampton, Virginia
  • Winstead – through Manley/Mandley in Virginia