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Welcome to “Hystory Byts” -  where you’ll find bits of history and genealogy and technology.

“Hello world!” is a bit of computer jargon – traditionally, it is the first program that people learn to code for computers. Normally the code is simple enough that people who have no experience with programming can easily understand it, especially when they have a guide or mentor to assist them.

The funky spelling of “Hystory Byts” reminds us as researchers not to presume writing, spelling or syntax have stayed the same over the past few centuries – an important item to remember when you are researching.

I hope to give helpful hints, updates on work I’m doing, and generally talk shop when it comes to genealogy, research and technology. Thanks for taking some of your time to join me.

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You should consider using a larger font. These old eyes don’t see so well anymore. Also in my Firefox browser on a Win7 pro OS many letters are washed out, like it was typed on an old typewriter that doesn’t make full impressions. Just my opinion – otherwise off to a good start. Welcome to the blogging world

January 30th, 2012 at 8:21 am

Welcome to genealogy blogging! I’m sure you’ll find it fun and rewarding. I have to agree with Bruce’s comment, as the font is somewhat difficult to read (I’m using Chrome). It looks pretty, especially with the old parchment background, but when one gets down to the business of reading, it’s a bit difficult. Otherwise, great start!! :-)

March 3rd, 2012 at 2:01 pm